Corner-Connector for TWIXT- / BIG - Isostep-CLIP

Corner-Connector for TWIXT- / BIG - Isostep-CLIP


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The right connector for every Isostep CLIP rail. By simply plugging into the rail, the substructure can be extended in a waste-optimised manner without compromising the load capacity. The corner connectors are ideally suited for a substructure frame if it is not possible to fix the substructure to the ground on site.


  • Waste-optimised assembly of the substructure
  • No additional underlay in the longitudinal joint of the rail
  • Easy and quick construction of a frame


  • Material: Aluminium
    Dimensions: 18 x 59 x 180 mm (TWIXT) / 32 x 58 x 180 mm (BIG) / 29 x 60 x 180 mm (Isostep-H)

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