A quick start to spring

The Easter weekend has already successfully heralded the arrival of spring and is already drawing us outside. Is the terrace still missing or in need of a makeover? Get all the relevant tips for a particularly time-effective and carefree setup here.

Laying the foundation: good planning saves time

As we all know, good planning is half the battle and this is especially true for technically demanding projects such as building a terrace. The framework conditions are important for this, i.e. the desired surface dimensions, installation height(s) and substrate properties (e.g. concrete, earth, welded sheets). Once these have been determined, a sketch, material list, cutting list and much more can be determined using our online planner. This planning draft is often sufficient as a basis for ordering materials and installation for standard decking and provides a rough guide for more demanding projects. In this case, our project team will be happy to assist you with the planning using a CAD drawing program.

Find out more about planning from A-Z here.

The Express substructure: fast, stable, durable

By using our CLIP system, you can assemble the substructure up to 30% faster than with conventional systems. The CLIP rails Big- and Twixt-Isostep impress with a large span between the required support points and therefore manage with a comparatively small number of support points. This saves time when leveling the installation height and material costs, thanks to the reduced number of decking supports. Thanks to the clever CLIP connection between the decking support and the aluminum UK as well as the practical screw channel, the components are perfectly matched and significantly reduce the number of components that need to be screwed together. The system for medium to high installation heights also benefits from the large adjustment ranges of the terrace bearings and an integrated slope compensation of up to 8%. This not only makes the enormous amount of work involved in preparing the substrate easier for you, but also the entire assembly of the individual components.

A comparison of aluminum and timber substructures in use can be found here.

Effective counter battens: fixed structure for maximum stability

A comparatively small product with a big impact: our KL cross connector makes it easier to form torsionally rigid substructures and thus ensures an up to 30% faster connection between the aluminum substructure and counter battens. Using the CLIP connection, the aluminum UK can simply be clicked onto the counter batten and makes it easier to align the aluminum rails without pre-drilling or subsequent correction of the screw connection.

Find out more about the professional installation of substructures here.

No installation marathon: easy laying of coverings

The CLIP system is particularly advantageous due to its universal use for floorboards and paving. The same components (decking supports, aluminum UK and KL cross connectors) can be used to lay the foundation for WPC or wooden planks and/or ceramic tiles.
The fasteners for laying planks or boards have also been systematically developed and are ideal for laying on the CLIP rails thanks to their properties. Thanks to the screw channel, no pre-drilling is necessary here either, which saves one work step.
You have not yet decided on a floor covering? Here you will find decision-making aids for the choice of decking.

Sprint to the perfect floor: The fastest installation method for floorboards

Are you dreaming of a decking terrace in record time? Our QLICK system supplies fasteners and substructure pre-assembled, saving the most time-consuming work step and leaving little room for error. In just three steps, you can create the perfect foundation for your dream terrace made of Kebony wood, Thermo Pine, Thermo Ash or high-quality WPC. Click the decking supports onto the substructure, lay out the substructure, connect the counter battens and finally click on the boards – done!