WPC 140

WPC 140



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WPC 140 light beige

WPC 140 light beige

WPC 140 nut brown

WPC 140 nut brown

WPC 140 grey

WPC 140 grey

The wavy design of the TERRACON® WPC 140 with its colour embedding is unique and gives your deck a luxurious and exclusive look. The surface is embossed and not milled, which makes it much less prone to dirt or grease. The TERRACON® WPC 140 patio decking consist of 70% of wood fibres and 30% environmentally friendly and food safe polymer. The wood fibres used are derived from timber of sustainable forestry. The material composition makes the decking boards very stable and easy to maintain. The special top coat makes the TERRACON® WPC particularly resilient, durable and also easy to maintain and process.


  • durable
  • grease and oil resistant
  • installation with 0% gradient is possible
  • very resistant
  • free of splinters and barefoot-friendly
  • dimensionally stable
  • easy care
  • Use of timber from sustainable forestry
  • high skid resistance (R10)

Grease resistance

The boards are grease and oil resistant! If oil penetrates the surface, it can be easily removed with conventional dish washing detergents (apply undiluted, distribute, wait 30 minutes and then rinse with water).

wpc fettbestaendig

No moisture absorption

Length expansion plays virtually no role (less than 1 mm per meter), since the boards can no longer absorb moisture. According to the manufacturer, even deployment under water is possible! Floating installation without slopes is possible!


  • Dimensions:
    21x140x4000 mm und 21x140x5000 mm

    grey, hazel, bright beige

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