Patio-roofing SMARTLINE

Patio-roofing SMARTLINE

primeline distanzprofil

spacer profile

The SMARTLINE patio roofing, which we have newly included in our product range as an optimal extra, is an economical alternative to our existing range of roofing products. It is available and delivered in prefabricated grid dimensions (width/depth). The kit solution allows SMARTLINE to be set up quickly and easily in simple steps. The roofing has a standard roof pitch of 8° as well as water drainage integrated into the post, thus making it invisible..


  • Roof coverings: Polycarbonate 16 mm or 8 mm glass roof (laminated safety glass)
  • Water drainage integrated invisibly into the post
  • Distance profile as optional accessory



  • Available colours:

    RAL 7016 anthracite grey - textured
    RAL 9010 pure white - textured



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