Decking support pad-flex

Terrassenlager mit Fliesenkreuz

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Especially for the use in spiked post holders (91 x 91 mm)

Flex decking support pads are equipped with a special holder for 91 x 91 mm ground sleeves. The height and the horizontal deviations can be compensated for thanks to the flexible head and moveable turntable.

Available as Flex and Flex-CLIP decking pedestals.


  • Precise fit for standard ground socket 91 x 91 mm
  • Not required to precisely prepare the substrate
  • Horizontally adjustable

Decking support pads-Flex are made in Germany on our behalf and under continuous quality controls.



  • Height adjustability: 42 - 87 mm
    Horizontal adjustability: 20 mm off centre to the right or left
    Maximum angle of inclination: 5% to each side (corresponds to about 8 cm to 1 metre)

    We recommend: After the drive-in sleeves have been pounded into the ground, the distance between their head and the ground level should be 4 cm. If the ground is too soft, the hole for the drive-in sleeve will need to be pre-drilled with an auger and filled with concrete before the embedding. This guarantees a more stable

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