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The special vapour-permeable rubber granulate pads ensure a long service life of the deck flooring. By selectively underlying the substructure, direct contact to the substrate is prevented, which allows water to run off unimpeded and also attenuates the impact sound of footsteps. Also perfectly suited to level out surface irregularities.


  • prevention of water logging
  • Levels out minor surface irregularities
  • Fits in the K&R CLIP system (BIG-/TWIXT Isostep, Isostep-H)
  • Wood protection towards the top, structural protection towards the bottom
  • Dampens footstep sounds on the deck flooring
  • Rot-proof materials
  • Impact sound insulation
  • Non-slip

Five Isopads are required per m2.


  • Material: PUR-bonded rubber granulate matting XennoX® – The vapour-permeable rubber granulate (i.e. moisture on the substructure can dry off)

    3 x 60 x 90 mm, 8 x 60 x 90 mm,
    20 x 60 x 90 mm (TWIXT-/BIG-Isostep + Isostep-H), 
    8 x 192 x 192 mm (for Terracon® pedestals). 

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