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Decking support pad to even out 25 - 225 mm

When building a deck, the construction of the substructure can be very time consuming, especially if the suitable installation surfaces (e.g. concrete slabs) need to be adjusted for the decking support pads. This problem has now been solved by the new generation of decking support pads with a movable head that permits these areas to slope up to 8%.

With the special CLIP top, all Isostep CLIP rails can be connected quickly and without screws by simply clicking on the decking support pads. In this combination, the CLIP components make the assembly of the entire substructure even easier and faster.

When properly used and/or installed in accordance with the generally accepted technical standards of the German carpentry trade, we guarantee the functionality and frost-resistance of the decking pedestals to temperatures of -30° C.


  • The head piece, which is moveable into all directions, can compensate for substrate slopes of up to 8%.
  • The double thread allows for millimetre-accurate height adjustments by continuously turning to the right or left.
  • On the levelling feet, all components are connected to each other and locked to prevent becoming unscrewed unintentionally.
  • All decking support pads are produced in Germany.
  • The Terracon® support pads have been tried and tested in practice for years. This is a high-quality product line for professional, safe and time-saving deck construction.
  • expedient installation of the substructure in conjunction with the Isostep CLIP rails
  • installation almost completely without screws

Decking support pads are made in Germany on our behalf and under continuous quality controls.



  • Material: Rigid polypropylene
    Height adjustment: 25-40 mm, 35 - 70 mm, 65-155 mm & 145-225 mm

    Approximately 3.5 - 5 pedestals are required per m2 (depends on the type and dimensions of the substructure and the decking boards).

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