On-site supervision

To ensure that the planned 3D drawings can be implemented smoothly on the construction site, we offer a compact on-site construction site briefing following CAD project planning. There we explain the individual components of the system to the installers clearly and quickly and provide important information on the respective structure. This briefing ensures that the installers become familiar with the system and can implement technical details correctly at the start of installation. This means that neither the specialist retailer nor the fabricator needs a great deal of prior knowledge of our system to realize entire projects together.

If required, it is also possible to hold a project meeting with clients, architects and/or fabricators online and on site prior to installation. Here, for example, the procedure, installation steps and property-specific features can be discussed together.

  • Development of project-specific detailed solutions and technical drawings with all relevant information for assembly
  • Project discussion and training with processors before project start
  • Instruction on the construction site at the start of the project
  • Professional support during the construction phase