Online planners for special retailer

Is it possible to professionally plan a patio, a canopy or a privacy screen in just a few minutes with just a few clicks and without much prior knowledge? Yes, that is possible! With the support of our planning tools, you will be guided through your project step by step and at the end you will receive a quotation template, a parts list, a technical drawing, installation plans and a cutting list.

The basis for the development of our planners is the feedback from our customers. We always strive to adapt the tools to current requirements and therefore listen carefully to the ideas and requirements that users bring to us for improvement. This constant, practical further development is the main reason for the high level of acceptance of this sales and planning support.

Online planner

The Internet planner, which is released to support dealers and selected fabricators, is used for planning, determining requirements and preparing quotations. The planner is primarily a tool for the classic terrace and provides all relevant information in a matter of minutes.

Budget planner

The overview provides guide prices per square meter for the substructure to help determine the budget. This differs according to the slab material, e.g. ceramic or concrete slab and slab format, as well as wood and WPC planks. The type of installation and installation height also play a role.