Innovations 2024

Our product development team works all year round on product ideas that are directly inspired by input from our customers and partners. The focus is always on ease of installation and the solution of on-site requirements. This is how the following terrace construction products were developed, which we are presenting here for the first time.

KL cross connector

Creating a torsion-resistant and compliant substructure quickly and precisely: the KL cross connector makes it possible! It fixes the load-bearing CLIP rails directly to the counter-battening (TWIXT-Isostep) by simply clicking them into place and simplifies the work steps when installing and aligning the substructure by more than 30 % compared to conventional counter-battening installations. READ MORE

Flex support for laying floorboards

Constructive wood protection and compliant with regulations. With the Flex support, the plank joint can now also be installed with a substructure profile. Thanks to the clip mounting, this can be done individually in the area. Decking boards can be laid in a way that optimizes offcuts, allowing new and creative decking designs to be created. READ MORE

Modern living space extension

The flowing transition from the patio door across the terrace to the garden serves as a modern extension of the living space, creating a versatile intermediate area that invites you to linger. This is where people barbecue, eat, receive visitors or use the space for games during the season. The robust Woodtalk ceramic worktop offers an all-round carefree package, as dirt, grease and oil stains as well as slipping are no longer an issue thanks to the material properties.

Wind load carrier deep

The wind load support, with its support for concrete slabs, ensures a compliant structure for decking terraces with high wind suction loads. A concrete slab can now also be used as weighting for a TWIXT-Isostep substructure thanks to the deep wind load support. This prevents the terrace from “lifting off”. READ MORE

Facing holder 239

Thanks to the material thickness of 5 mm, the facing holder can cover an even higher structure of up to 239 mm at the side. For a visually appealing veneer, the plank profile is simply screwed visibly to the bracket. With an improved adapter for the CLIP rails, the facing holder can be fixed securely and stably to the substructure with a machine screw. READ MORE

Facing holder CLIP

Thanks to its special technology with separate fasteners, plank profiles in widths of 120 – 140 mm can be installed to cover a terrace without visible screws. READ MORE

Drainage and ventilation profile 100 and 150

When connecting the decking directly to the facade, the drainage and ventilation profile protects against spray and rainwater and also supports the under-ventilation of the decking. With the additional width 100, we are expanding our drainage system to include a visually more delicate version that is suitable for use on railings, facades and similar. Drainage profile 150 should still be used for areas of window and door reveals that comply with regulations. Overall, the drainage clips and washers have been modified for easier installation. READ MORE

Drainage and ventilation profile Pro

The design of the sophisticated profile shape ensures special protection against spray and rainwater. The stable but filigree drainage profile Pro in 100 mm is ideal for use when connecting the terrace to the house wall and can be attached directly to the substructure using mounting clips. The 150 mm wide drainage profile Pro is the professional solution especially for compliant drainage of door and window reveals on roof terraces and balconies. READ MORE

Ceramic tiles “Athos Rock”

With a design reminiscent of natural stone, our Athos Rock line is available in four muted colors that give the terrace that certain something without being too eccentric. The new 120×60 cm large format contributes to the high-quality, large-scale look. READ MORE

Wedge quality bit TX20

Optimum handling for screwing self-drilling screws without pre-drilling. The conical head shape ensures a significantly better fit in the screw compared to a standard bit. READ MORE