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Sit comfortably in the shade and enjoy the summer! An awning can be perfectly integrated into any TERRACON® patio roofing or individually retrofitted to an existing roof. By providing protection from the sun’s rays, the awning reduces the heat build-up under the patio cover. The awning fabric can be easily extended mechanically or electronically as required and is protected from the weather in a cassette when retracted. With an extensive range of fabrics in different colors and materials, it gives the canopy a modern, simple or colorful design.


  • Box/rail profiles made from extruded aluminum
  • Motor drive without switch and Hirschmann plug
  • Guide rail clip holder
  • Ceiling bracket for fabric box
  • Electric drive, seen from the outside on the right or left possible
  • System dimensions up to a depth of 5000 mm

Under-roof awnings

The awning mounted under the roof covering provides excellent protection against the ingress of sunlight from above.
sun and thus shields heat. Particularly suitable for roofs that are exposed to particular weather conditions (e.g. strong winds) or soiling from nearby trees. So that side elements can also be retrofitted to the roofing, brackets for side fastening are an indispensable accessory when installing an under-roof awning.


  • Effectively shields against solar radiation
  • Under-roof installation protects the awning from dirt, wind and weather

Roof-mounted awnings

By mounting the awning on the roof, solar radiation can be blocked before it hits the roof covering. This variant is ideal for a cold conservatory, for example, as heat can be kept out even more effectively in this way and heat build-up does not occur in the first place.


  • Solar radiation is directly shielded
    and does not penetrate through the glass covering

Vertical awnings

The vertical awning also provides effective protection from the sun when the sun is shining from the side. At the same time, the awning also serves as a privacy screen and keeps out disruptive winds.


  • Protection from lateral sunlight and
    light gusts of wind