Project planning

High-quality products are the basis for durable and safe construction, but professional planning is also required for successful project completion. However, there is not always enough time to familiarize yourself with complex plans or new systems. And you don’t have to, because our project team supports you in realizing demanding projects without prior specialist knowledge.

A professional CAD drawing simplifies crucial processes during the entire project planning through to implementation on the construction site. In the first step of the drawing, a rough draft of the top layer is created in order to quickly and easily determine the correct format and the desired laying direction. Once the rough draft has been approved, detailed planning begins with a project-specific list of all products, exact quantity calculations and detailed 3D drawings. The previously completed checklist provides our team with all the data and helps to ensure that nothing is forgotten. With the final project design, you will then receive a 3D drawing of the decking, all substructures, a cutting list as well as an installation plan and project-related detailed solutions. This not only serves as an installation aid for fabricators, but also enables a precise quotation to be prepared in advance and thus also gives building owners additional planning security.