QLICK - the simply faster installation system

The QLICK installation system for grooved planks on the underside is the fastest way to install planks to date: “Click on instead of screw down” – now even faster!

The planks are mounted on the aluminum substructure with pre-assembled fasteners using a screwless click mechanism. The system offers simple and error-free installation and at the same time provides a harmonious and consistent joint pattern. The special planks in widths of 120 mm and 140 mm are simply clicked on without time-consuming alignment thanks to the predetermined spacing of the fasteners.

Saving more time is not possible, as the substructure of the QLICK system can be combined with the tried and tested decking accessories from Karle & Rubner. Whether decking supports, 20 mm Isopads or corresponding connectors for the system rails – take advantage of all the benefits of slope and height compensation during installation.


  • The quickest way to lay planks, thanks to pre-assembled fasteners and screwless plank fastening
  • Simple and error-free installation
  • Permanently harmonious joint pattern, thanks to the fastening with groove on the underside for uniform swelling and shrinkage behavior of the planks
  • Can be combined with system connectors, Isopads and CLIP decking supports
  • High statics due to large distances between the support points with QLICK Standard (up to 950 mm)
  • Adjustable mounting rotation range possible for inclined surfaces
  • Easy removal and reinsertion of individual planks in the surface
  • Fastening a side panel in the system