Roof terrace/pergola on sloped insulation with waterproofing

Special regulations apply to roof terraces with sloped insulation in particular, which must be taken into account when planning such a terrace. Whether heavy planters, a jacuzzi or other requirements that should be taken into account to protect the sloped insulation with the point or surface load.

The guidelines for draining window and door connections must also be followed. You can find out more about drainage and dewatering in the article below.

Another issue that is often underestimated is the wind load for roof terraces, which can have consequences for the planning of the substructure depending on the building height, region and decking. The proposed article will show you how the need for weighted decking can be determined.

The Isopad with coating is generally recommended for roof terraces or balconies on sloped insulation with waterproofing in order to prevent plasticizer migration from the waterproofing to the impact sound insulation, which could cause porous and leaking areas over time.

Things to note about terrace construction

Protection from wind suction

Professional protection against wind suction on roof terraces If the wind suction load is not taken into account when planning a terrace, a roof terrace

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