Tips for your summer terrace

It feels like 30 degrees, no rain in sight and only a gentle breeze. These summer days seem all too familiar and have become record-breaking in recent years. To keep a cool head even in these weather conditions and continue to enjoy your garden, balcony or patio, you will find below various Tips for reducing heat.

A patio cover is particularly beneficial in the more unstable months and makes the patio much more usable. To make coffee breaks, reading books or simply relaxing pleasant even in summer, an awning is a useful addition alongside heat-protective glass . A distinction is made here between under-roof and on-roof awnings, depending on how the awning is fitted. The position of the awning, either under or over the roofing, has different advantages: while a roof-mounted awning shields the sun’s rays before they penetrate the glazing and is therefore particularly effective at keeping out heat, the under-roof awning remains protected in all weather conditions and from any dirt from birds or trees. The under-roof awning also provides reliable shade and significantly reduces heat build-up. When choosing an awning model, it is therefore essential to take this into account: How protected is the awning? Is it possible that stronger slopes are emerging here? On which side of the house is the canopy located? Would you like to protect yourself from the morning, midday or evening sun? And is it an open roof or even a cold conservatory? If you have decided on the basis of the questions, you will find our current fabric collection for on-roof and under-roof awnings here.

In view of the annual heat records, having your own pool is no longer a trend, but has become an integral part of planning your dream garden. To make cooling as (style)safe and durable as possible, wooden alternatives are often used. WPC is therefore also a popular option, especially when a wood-like appearance is required. Our WPC Vision CoolDeck is particularly suitable for use on unshaded surfaces that are often used barefoot, such as pool surrounds. Thanks to its material, it absorbs up to 35% less heat than conventional WPC.

If the risk of slipping is to be minimized in the pool area, our
ceramic tiles
with a slip resistance classification of R11 A+B+C are also a suitable choice for wet areas.
Another great way to create both some sun protection and privacy for the garden is our elevato® privacy screen. Thanks to the individual design options, it also offers something for a wide range of customer wishes and styles. The privacy screen is particularly enhanced by decorative elements made of stone, frosted glass and aluminum or the versatile plant wall. Plan quickly and easily now.