Terrace greening - the finishing touch?

Adding greenery to a patio gives the garden a certain flair or can set completely new accents. And even if the planting step is almost at the end of the to-do list, the topic of greening should be considered right from the start. When taking into account the wishes and ideas for the later appearance, one or two technical details may change or even affect the entire planning. That’s why we’re introducing you to the different types of patio greening and how they can be implemented.
Planters are probably the most common type of patio greenery. The advantage: the choice of numerous materials such as rattan, ceramic, plastic or clay, in all colors, shapes and sizes, make the planter an all-rounder on the patio and balcony.
Up to a certain size, these can also be placed quite flexibly after completion of the terrace, but the weight of large planters should not be underestimated in order to avoid subsequent shifting or deformation of the substructure. substructure deformation of the substructure. If tubs and their contents are planned to weigh several hundred kilos, it is advisable to calculate the maximum load on the patio area and, if necessary, reduce the distance between the patio supports in this area. You can find technical data for the calculation here or contact us directly.
If the tubs are to be integrated into the patio to achieve a uniform look, the
VARIO system
is ideal. This modular system makes it very easy to create frames for raised beds and tubs or constructions for platforms or steps. The system can be easily connected to the CLIP rail system and covered with the desired decking after installation. More about the Vario system.
If more extravagant or complex surfaces with recesses for trees, flower beds or even unusual patio shapes are required, our
CAD planning team
is the ideal contact. With the help of extensive practical knowledge, experience from previous projects and the CAD planning program, you will find special solutions for a wide range of requirements. We will be happy to advise you on your dream terrace.
A whole new level of patio greening is brought to life by the plant wall fresh green and bright colors. The vertical planting means that no space is lost on the patio and the privacy screen has a particularly lively and colorful look. Practical: Herbs also feel at home here and add that certain something to the kitchen. More about the plant wall.