Drainage profiles for connections to door/window elements

The topic of terrace drainage at connections to door and window reveals has become increasingly important in recent years. The water that collects on the patio through rain, spray or snow should be drained away as quickly as possible. Especially in the area of house connections and door reveals, waterlogging should be avoided at all costs. This prevents water from penetrating through door seals, for example.
The flat roof guideline and DIN 18531 regulate when and how a drainage grating must be used and which connection heights on the building must be taken into account. These serve as reference works and list the different requirements, which are differentiated in the following steps. The connection height of the terrace to the building or soffit is taken as the basis for assessment:
  • ≥ 150 mm without drainage grate = compliant connection
  • between 150 and 50 mm with drainage grate = connection compliant with regulations
  • smaller than 50 mm is a “special sealing construction”, which can be regulated in consultation with all parties involved
  • smaller than 20 mm to 0 mm is considered barrier-free according to DIN 18040 and is also a “special sealing construction”
Our drainage profile corresponds to the drainage grating required by the flat roof rule with a width of at least 150 mm.