Terrace construction in the 3rd dimension

Thanks to its flexibility, the VARIO system offers a wide range of options for building patio structures. Whether steps, landings, planter boxes, benches or an additional level on the terrace – the VARIO system makes it all possible.

The special feature of the VARIO system – almost any design can be realized with just two components!

The construction profile, which is equipped with a screw channel on 4 sides, combines all the advantages of a system rail. For example, the fastening systems for decking boards or slabs can be mounted on VARIO constructions. The high statics of up to 900 mm between the support points make the construction particularly stable.

  • Two components for a wide range of applications
  • Can be combined with all system rails and CLIP decking supports
  • High statics due to large distances between the support points of the construction profile (up to 900 mm)
  • Fastening planks and boards with proven TERRACON® accessories
  • No interfering angles: the entire profile surface can be used for installation
  • Screw channel guarantees all the advantages of the system rails

Creative patio design – no problem for the new VARIO system!