Online training courses

As time is often short in the seasonal business or long journeys are not always feasible, you will find an online training offer tailored to specialist dealers on our YouTube channel. Here you will be introduced step-by-step to the respective product range and receive comprehensive product training within a short period of time. Anytime and anywhere.

We also offer several online webinars a year for specialist dealers and their processors. These webinars will take place from February to March inclusive. The following topics can be selected:

  • Laying decking boards
  • Laying ceramic tiles
  • elevato® privacy screen
  • Aluminum roofing
  • Terrace construction expertise

Click here to register for participation in our webinars.

System training for specialist retailers

Expand your knowledge with practical experience or get to know our system from scratch. We are pleased to be able to offer workshops at our training center again this year. Our specialist dealers and their fabricators are cordially invited to get to know the Karle & Rubner system in a completely new way.

The combination of theoretical knowledge about products, planning and technical rules with guided practical training will make you fit for the coming season on several levels.

You can choose from the following range:

  • Laying floorboards on aluminum UK
  • Laying ceramic tiles on aluminum-UK
  • Mounting elevato privacy screen
  • Mounting aluminum roofing

Are you interested? Then click here for more information and training dates.

Training at the customer's premises

Training is the basis for competent advice and problem-free or complaint-free installation. We therefore tailor the content of our training courses to the respective target group, such as salespeople or processors. What may be decisive for the salesperson in a consultation with the end consumer may not be relevant for the installer on the construction site. Conversely, they need clear installation instructions and technical explanations. Our training concept is therefore structured in such a way that the content is taught in a customer- and application-specific manner as required.

  • Presentations and dialogs for and with sellers and processors
  • Practical demonstrations and applications
  • Processor training as part of a project
  • End customer training at the “Open Day”