Your projects - our highlights

Once again this year, we have received numerous projects from our specialist dealers that have been realized with the help of our products and, to a large extent, with the support of our CAD project planning. We are delighted to have been able to visit a few of these projects in person in recent months to provide you with new inspiration for patio design options and solutions. Choose your favorite from our 2023 highlights.

The garden oasis

Good planning helps you to create your own little oasis even when space is limited. In combination with privacy screens and roofing , this creates a new living space that can also be used on hot and sunny summer days and provides the necessary cooling. The color of the WPC Piazza planks harmonizes perfectly with the other elements and adds a modern and friendly touch.

Roof terrace with a view of the countryside

This roof terrace offers a wonderfully natural contrast to the modern building. Thanks to the color chosen, the wood-effect embossing of the Thermo-WPC plank 137 blends in wonderfully with the scenery, creating a link between the minimalist architecture and the view of the greenery. At the same time, the surface exposed to the weather benefits from the insensitivity and durability of the WPC boards.

Modern living space extension

The flowing transition from the patio door across the terrace to the garden serves as a modern extension of the living space, creating a versatile intermediate area that invites you to linger. This is where people barbecue, eat, receive visitors or use the space for games during the season. The robust Woodtalk ceramic worktop offers an all-round carefree package, as dirt, grease and oil stains as well as slipping are no longer an issue thanks to the material properties.

Wellness for the soul

Combinations of different coverings are very popular and, depending on the choice, provide stylish accents. In this project, the barefoot-friendly terrace fits perfectly between the natural stone and the border of the natural pool area. And not only because of the color harmony, but above all because of the screwless look, without any tripping edges or dominant joints. This new favorite place is rounded off by the attractive side panel, which was created with the panel holder.

Solutions for different installation situations

A uniform look for the balcony and terrace was the wish for this detached house in an idyllic location. The different requirements in terms of installation height and the nature of the subfloor are no longer noticeable, thanks to our versatile yet easy-to-install system solutions. What remains to be seen is what counts: a visually flawless terrace with identical decking and a uniform laying pattern.

Creative decking solution for pool and platform

This project is a prime example of the benefits of accurate CAD planning, combining practical components and functionality with appealing aesthetics. The creative design of the patio gives the spacious garden a new structure and the choice of decking creates beautiful contrasts. The construction with a platform and rounding optimally frames the pool and forms the connection to the main building via the path.

The multifunctional deck

Our Allrounder Thermo-WPC 137 has a special purpose as part of this elevated deck. Whether relaxing by the water, sunbathing or on a kayak tour, this terrace cuts a fine figure in any case. Simple and uncluttered from above, there is enough space under the deck to store the kayak and accessories. Side paneling and finishing rail for clean edges add the finishing touches.